This summer KidsQuest has some fun free activities that are new to the museum. Two of the new programs this summer are, Putt, Putt, Play! and Musical Mondays. These programs were thought up and put in motion by two of the floor staff, William Ekstrom and Celine Sanchez. Both of them shared how they came up with the fun events going on this summer.

William Ekstrom is the staff member behind Musical Mondays. Musical Mondays is all about taking fun musical concepts and turning it into an activity for all ages! Ideas like rhythm, meter, tempo, pitch, volume, emotion, and performance all explored through activities related to theater, rhyme, song, dance, and instruments! Each week parents are given a lyric sheet to help their young budding Mozart-in-training sing a long and act out rhymes—this is my favorite part of Musical Mondays. Seeing the collaboration of the family as I lead them in a song is a very satisfying feeling for all! Another favorite part of each week is introducing people to either the piano or guitar; my hope is with this introduction parents can gage their child’s interest in pursuing music lessons in the upcoming years! Being able to hear the music resound through the galleries and offices of the museum, like the rhyme says “Let all that are near hear that music time is here!”

Celine Sanchez has been with KidsQuest since 2016 and enjoys interacting with patrons.Sprinkler Saturdays came to be because of how hot it was last summer and I would see how wet the kids would get in the water gallery and always want to actually get inside the big tub! I thought it would be nice to be able to get wet outside. Plus, they get to use water to paint the ground and rocks in Sticks + Stones.  Putt, Putt, Play! came to me from my love of mini golf. It is so much fun, so why not bring it to the museum. What makes Putt, Putt, Play! so much fun is that kids use the imagination playground to create their very own mini golf course. Both of these are perfect activities for a summer day.

The museum programs are thought up by staff because of how they see patrons using the museum exhibits or because of conversations they have with patrons. We want to hear from you, what programs would you like to see KisdQuest offer?

Contributed by, Celine Sanchez and William Ekstrom