Written by guest blogger
Carrie Spencer

Rain, snow, and temps below freezing are all par for the course of winter. While we expect the weather to be anything but cooperative, we are rarely prepared for the boredom that goes along with being home. If you are a parent looking for fun and educational activities for the kids during the worst of winter, look no further.

Get Out Of The House
Once community health and safety conditions improve, KidsQuest Children’s Museum will be the perfect indoor getaway. Your kids will be able to get up close and personal with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects, which will spark a love of these long after you’ve left. Our museum is currently closed, but you can still participate in our fun activities from the comfort and safety of home! Our YouTube channel has STEAM activities and story times that will make your family feel like you’re at the museum, while our monthly-subscription Kid Kits offer sensory-friendly themed activities for children three and up.

Taking a family drive is another fun way to get off the couch, even when the sky is grey. No matter where you live, there are lots of sights you haven’t seen, and a mini road trip can help you see them. Look for unusual attractions within an hour of home, and make sure that your vehicle is weather-ready.

You might also check your local arts and crafts stores for events. Many, including the chain Michael’s, offer kid-centered classes for just a few dollars. If you have an art-focused college nearby, they may also open up for entertainment during the week, too.

Or Stay Home
There are days that leaving the house isn’t a viable option. But, there are plenty of learning activities you can do without packing up the car. Video-gaming is one. Although you should not rely on screen time too heavily, there is nothing wrong with an afternoon of competitive fun. Some games might improve your child’s problem-solving skills while helping them refine their hand-eye coordination. Before you press start, check your internet connection and sign up for faster speeds if you’ll be streaming games, especially if you or your partner are working from home.

Playing games off-line is another fabulous option. You do not have to stick with Monopoly, Risk, or Yahtzee, and there is nothing wrong with making up your own board games using materials found around the house. You might even get physical with a quick round of Simon Says or by playing hopscotch in the kitchen. You can use blue painter’s tape to draw your playing field around 12-inch tiles without worry about damaging the floor underneath.

Once you have exhausted all of your gaming options, get back to basics by telling stories. If you’ve never used them, Story Cubes are a fun way to let the kids use their imagination. According to the developers, each set comes with nine cubes, which you use to introduce, develop, and conclude a unique story. This is a great activity for the entire family. You may even use your stories to discuss your feelings, particularly if your family is self-isolating, working from home, and engaging in virtual school.

Remember, you do not have to have a classroom to teach, and you do not have to go outside to entertain. There are many indoor activities that can do both. So whether you want to head out to your nearest museum or stay close to home telling stories and playing video games, with a little imagination, you’ll never run out of things to do. So stay active, stay engaged, and stay entertained with the ideas above, and, soon, winter will be nothing but a cold and distant memory.

Listen to the KidsQuest Children’s Museum podcast for fun and educational information for you and your children. And visit us to experience our newest exhibits! KidsQuest takes your safety seriously and is working diligently to ensure a CDC-compliant experience for staff and visitors alike.