With summer ramping up it means that KidsQuest will be seeing an influx in field trips visiting the museum. Throughout the year KidsQuest sees many different schools and after school programs visit the museum for in-museum field trips. Many of these schools are awarded field trip scholarships because their students would be otherwise unable to visit the museum. This prompted some thoughts about why we do what we do.

Play has no boundaries – it crosses all ages, ethnicities and income levels. It is here for everyone to enjoy, and so are we. KidsQuest offers open-ended play that enables children and adults to challenge themselves and try new things in a safe environment. It peaks curiosity, inspires exploration, and intrigues the imagination.

That’s why KidsQuest strives to remain accessible to all through our scholarships, Museums for All program, and free KCLS passes that help keep the cost of admission and membership low. Due to increased need in the community we have experienced a 300% increase in requests for membership scholarships and the number of field trip scholarship applications has doubled. Many community organizations have rallied together to reach out and provide additional support to these families in need.

KidsQuest awards memberships to families as a way to provide a safe, fun, and educational space for families to enjoy together. KidsQuest accommodates family’s needs because we believe that all children should have the opportunity to come to KidsQuest and experience hands-on education through their own exploration. In 2018 KidsQuest has awarded close to 80 scholarships for family memberships, field trips, and summer camps.