What is that blue box in the lobby?

If you have visited the museum recently you may have noticed a blue jar siting at the bottom of the stairs.  This small blue jar is called a Dipjar and it is quick and easy way for guests to donate to the museum. In the Factoria location there was a box where patrons could put in cash or change as a way to donate to the museum, the dipjar is similar except if you don’t have cash all you need to do is dip your credit card and you automatically donate to KidsQuest. It’s that simple.

What is the money used for?

KidsQuest is a non-profit organization and it relies on generous donations to cover 40% of the operating cost.

This includes:

  • Allowing the education team to create new programs for families to enjoy together in the museum.
  • Being able to offer families that live below the federal poverty guidelines to become members with the scholarship program.
  • Create early learning opportunities for children in the community.

Just to name a few.  All of these are made possible by generous donors like you.

How does the DipJar work?

It only takes three easy steps to use the dipjar.

  1. Dip your card in the DipJar with the front of your card facing toward you.
  2. Remove your card from the DipJar.
  3. Wait for a confirmation.


The next time you visit the museum consider trying the DipJar and helping provide all families the opportunity to play and grow.