What is a children’s museum? That is sometimes a difficult question for people to answer. When we hear the word museum we often think of a place where “inside voices” are used and a place that we are expected to look with our eyes and not with our hands. A children’s museum, however, couldn’t be more different.

Children’s museums are all about discovery and learning through play and at KidsQuest Children’s Museum we take great pride in offering hands-on learning opportunities for children and their families. Through our exhibits and programming children are inspired to explore, play and learn individually, with their peers and with their caregivers! Research continually shows us that “play” is a necessary component in child’s development and it is our goal to make sure that kids will always have a place to learn and grow. After all, play really is a child’s work!

Something else that a lot of people do not know is that KidsQuest Children’s Museum is a nonprofit organization. A nonprofit is responsible for serving the community around them. All nonprofits have a mission statement that helps to focus the work they are doing for the community.  This means that the work KidsQuest does is to further the mission. The education team works hard to make sure that each program and exhibit in the museum reflects the mission and is filling a need the community has.

Being both a nonprofit and a children’s museum means that KidsQuest has the opportunity to create a space for learning outside of the classroom. Our focus is the community and helping to teach the leaders of tomorrow in a hands on and fun way.

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