KidsQuest has been open in the new location for eight months and everyone has had a good amount of time to explore what this new space has to offer. If you have younger children a fun place for them to explore is the Tot Orchard. You can play peek-a-boo, use the tractor to plow fields, and pick apples. Ample seating makes this a restful space for adults and kids alike, and a nearby nursing and reading area provides privacy and down time.

However, the Tot Orchard is not the only place your little one can explore. All exhibits have space that is just the right size for younglings. Below are some fun areas to explore if you haven’t already. These are places that children can take safe risks because taking risks and making mistakes are essential learning experiences and key to a child’s development into a healthy, independent and functioning adult.

Water: Located just behind the Magnet Water Wall is the Tot Splash. Here toddlers can splash, scoop and pour water especially designed for early childhood education. You can also shoot balls into the water using the ball shooter!






Climber: To young children the climber can look humongous! However, they can test their climbing skills in the tot climber located to the right of the climber entrance. This allows little ones to climb with a little more support than the rope climber will allow. They can also explore little nooks and crannies inside, and then when they feel comfortable they can advance to the rope climber.





On the Go: This is a great space for all ages to play. If little ones are feeling overwhelmed, just behind the semi-truck there are little race tracks and hot wheels for them to take on an adventure. These tracks were just installed during SuperClean so they’re still brand new!






Story Tree: There are many little nooks and crannies for toddlers to explore. Curl up with a book under the Story Tree. You can also sit at the activity table and color or read a book while the older ones play.






The museum is filled with places that are just the right size for toddlers. Don’t feel like you have to stay in the Tot Orchard. Explore what each exhibit has to offer.