Above & Beyond CampaignIf there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s to think above and beyond “normal” operating and prepare for the future. To ensure sustainability and growth, KidsQuest is launching a multiyear $3.5M campaign to focus on three critical areas that complement and augment its significant operating budget:


At the start of 2020, KidsQuest had a healthy reserve fund that ensured its survival through the pandemic. This reserve has been depleted, and it’s critical to replenish, not only as a safety net, but also to continue essential community access programs when other sources of funding fall short.


KidsQuest is known for its cutting-edge programming and educational experiences. This “venture capital” would enable the Museum to explore new opportunities, build on initial successes, and expand its community reach in novel and exciting ways.


As an active, hands-on museum, KidsQuest’s exhibits and 30-year-old building get a lot of love. Beyond maintenance and repair, exhibits must stay relevant in their message and activities. This fund would support facility upgrades as well as development of fresh experiences for ongoing community engagement.

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Thank you to our Above & Beyond Lead Donors


Brittany Barker
Tere Foster
Cathy and David Habib
Moya & Don Skillman
Team Foster at Compass
Nick & Heather Trescases