The school year has started, a fall chill is in the air , and football is back in the PNW (Go Hawks)!  All of this can mean only one thing, KidsQuest’s annual SuperClean is once again upon us.
What is Superclean? Why do we continue to close the museum for Superclean each year? What actually happens during Supercean?
I’m sure there are many of you who have asked one or all of these questions along the way. Or maybe you are one of our new visitors eager to come explore and play at the museum during a rainy Tuesday morning but the museum is closed?  Lets dive in and clean up any confusion regarding this annual even, and why is is so valuable to you and your family!


Superclean started during the museum’s first year in 2005, at our original location inside Factorial Mall in Bellevue, Washington. The cleanliness and freshness of *(1) galleries and *(1) exhibits is a top priority here at the museum. The best way to achieve our highest level of cleanliness, down to the smallest detail, is to close the museum for a week. Since school is back in session and the winter weather is not yet upon we choose the week after Labor Day for Superclean in hopes that it causes the least inconveniences for families and fewest toddler meltdowns as possible regarding the museum closure.

The week is meticulously planned and managed, in order to clean every surface, update exhibits, freshen paint, plus much, much,  more. All of this work is done by our dedicated, awesome, and hardworking staff. Fun fact; last year one employee had the very important job of deep cleaning each and every door in the museum, through a three step cleaning process that took over a day!  Along with all the deep cleaning that takes place throughout the week, we also do * (2)updates on exhibits in order to keep our tiny guests excited while they continue to be engage in all the galleries.  With slightly new touches to galleries or new props featured in an exhibit, children’s imagination will be rejuvenated and sparked with new interest and exploration.

All of the careful planning, management, and thought that goes into Superclean creates an interactive museum that is clean, safe, and a place where kids and grownups of all ages can enjoy the Power of Play!
“Children’s museums are places where children learn through play and exploration in environments designed just for them. Reflecting their diverse communities, children’s museums create playful, interactive learning experiences. In an increasingly complex world, children’s museums provide a place where all kids can learn through play with the caring adults in their lives.” – Association of Children’s Museum

When the museum reopens after Superclean 2019, on Tuesday September 17th, make sure you keep an eye out for new props in exhibits like the Bellevue Mercantile, those extra clean doors as you head into The Art room, and a new updated writing exhibit that is sure to remind you  Love of Learning Starts here.


*1.What is the difference between a Gallery and Exhibit?– “In a children’s museum, an exhibit implies an object with which visitors can interact. A gallery is a space encompassing many exhibits. For example, Bellevue Mercantile is a gallery that holds exhibits ranging from the Cow Wash, to the Produce Scales, to the Acorn props being weighed. – Sarah Spence, Special Projects Manager
*2.The Benefits of Toy Rotation- Green Child Magazine 

  • Having fewer toys available reduces over-stimulation and overwhelm and leads to more creative play and “outside-the-box” thinking.
  • Each rotation is like getting a new set of toys, which brings excitement back to play and reduces boredom.