As many of you already know, KidsQuest has been closed this week for our annual SuperClean! While this is the first time at our downtown Bellevue location, SuperClean has been a tradition since we opened our doors in 2005 and is a popular practice among children’s museums across the nation.  During this time, staff will deep clean, renovate, and install new exhibit items as we gear up for the rainy [read: busy] season.

While we adhere to both daily and weekly cleaning schedules throughout the year, this is a chance to tackle some bigger projects and test out ideas with our visitor experience and education staff.

Some of our projects include:

Waxing and detailing the semi-truck

Blasting each individual wheel in the box conveyor belt with an air compressor

Re-organizing classrooms and installing shelving to showcase little masterpieces

Our staff has also been working hard to improve how the exhibit spaces function and come up with new ways to play. Here are some gallery updates you can look forward to around the museum!

Hot wheels’ tracks are back in a new way

Different props to manipulate the flow of water

Fun merchandise in the Mercantile

Light and color exploration with magna-tiles

Permanent Labyrinth pieces to help build your ball maze

Another tree sprouted in the Tot Orchard

Shiny additions to the Train Table

Bright new friends for dramatic play under the Story Tree

And more! Show us what you discover and how your family feels about some of our new exhibit items on Facebook or Instagram. KidsQuest will reopen to the public this Saturday, September 9th, and resume regular business hours.  See you soon!

Contributed by Andi Koller