Start holiday shopping early at KidsQuest’s Museum Store. Here the staff shares their favorite store items.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, $3.99 for 2” tin, $14.99 for 4” tin

This is a great stocking stuffer and could help keep kiddos entertained during a family dinner or while they are taking their turn opening presents! –Chiara, Visitor Experience Guide

Great for kids and adults alike!  I bought the glow-in-the-dark variety for my boyfriend and he loves playing with it! –Anna, Birthday Party Supervisor

Squigz, $25.99 for a 24 piece set

I have to give a shout out to Squigs. They are so great for babies outside of the house – restaurant tables, airplane windows, etc. – and as they grow up there are so many challenges you can do. At the old museum we had an ArtWall (plexiglass on the wall) where we would draw huge targets and the kids could throw Squigs like darts. It had so many awesome concepts going on (hand-eye coordination, taking turns, counting your points, categorizing the different shapes, etc.).  –Sarah, Special Project Manager

The Manhattan Toy Skwish, $17.99

This was my daughter’s favorite toy for the first several months of her life! It was one of the first toys she could grab and makes a lovely noise. This is now my go-do baby gift! –Alison, Museum Store Manager

University of Washington 101 and Seahawks 101 board books, $10.95 and $12.95, respectively


Now that so many of our friends are becoming grandparents, we love sharing a gift with them that they can share with the new grandbabies.  Since most of our friends are sports fans, the first board book for Seahawks and Huskies are perfect. –Shelley, Director of Advancement

KidsQuest Museum Memberships, starting at $95

Give the gift that gives all year round an annual membership to KidsQuest Children’s Museum! –Madeline, Membership and Event Manager

OGOBILD Nexus Kit, $29.99

Awaken your inner child with the vast possibilities that are OGOBILD sets. This line of toys allows children the opportunity to stimulate their imagination as they construct, build, and manipulate. OGOBILD sets are interchangeable and allow children the endless possibilities to build anything from robots to floating hovercrafts. –AJ, Education Manager

Nana in the City, by Lauren Castillo and My Grandpa, by Marta Altés, $16.99 and $16.95, respectively


My favorite gifts are books. Right now we have two of my favorite books: Nana in the City, by Lauren Castillo and My Grandpa, by Marta Altés.  Both books have amazing illustrations – My Grandpa is simple and silly, and Nana in the City is bursting with color and dramatic shading. –Daniela, Visitor Experience Guide and Volunteer Supervisor

“This is What a Scientist Looks Like” shirts, $12.99

These shirts are perfect for little ones who love to question and experiment.  The bright colors let kids know it’s okay to love pink and chemistry! –Nicole, Educator

Snap Circuits Jr. Select, $35.99

This is a great introduction to building circuits and working with electronics without having to use any extra tools.  Older kids learn how electricity works and make their own working inventions! –Lori, Visitor Experience and Museum Store Supervisor

Unicorn, Narwhal, and Monster Poppers, $10.99 each

In a world full of technology, this simple and quirky toy keeps kids occupied for hours.  I bought several of these for young family members and they are always a hit! –Lauren, Visitor Experience Manager

We want to hear from you! Share your favorite museum store picks. 

Contributed by Lori Petrelius