Did you know we are now a Certified Sensory Accessible Venue?

Any child with sensory processing difficulties will feel welcome and taken care as they make their way through museum. This includes providing sensory tools for all guests, autism inclusive services, completing a safety review and recommendation,  plus staff members from our Operations Department as well as our Education Department received sensory accessible training from Sensory Access For All. This certification allows us to better serve the children and families in our community and beyond.


Along with this certification we also continue to offer low sensory evenings for free, the first Wednesday of every month. Low Sensory Evenings are a special time just for kids with sensory sensitivities to visit the museum. We limit attendance and turn down the ambient noise and light to provide an even more inviting place to explore, play, and learn. This programming is also staffed by a trained member of our team that will be able to provide all families and children with a positive and enjoyable experience.

Check the calendar  for details.

In addition to Low Sensory Evenings, we also present Low Sensory Events. KidsQuest is joining with local community partners to put on a special event especially designed for children with autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorder, but open to children with any type of special need and their families. Parents will have the opportunity to talk with professionals as children engage in play specifically designed for their needs. Free coffee provided by Starbucks.

Pre-registration required. Tickets are limited to keep noise levels low.

Our next Low Sensory Event is coming up this September!




Sensory bags located behind the front desk

With our new certification as well as low sensory programming, we also supply sensory bags that are available daily and are free to all visitors.  Located behind the front desk, look for our super orange sensory bags which can be checked out free of charge. These sensory friendly kits are available every day for children to explore the museum more comfortably. From noise canceling headphones to a book that prepares them for what’s to come in each of our exhibits. Low sensory bags are also available at the front desk, and may be checked out at any time during a visit to KidsQuest. They are filled with fidget toys, headphones, sunglasses, and a Low Sensory Storybook introducing your child to the museum.

If there are other needs the museum and staff can help address, please don’t ever hesitate to ask. Our goal is that everyday, every child who walks into the museum, feels comfortable, confident, and safe so that they can experience the power of play and exploration!