Summer Camp

KidsQuest Summer Camps offer fun and learning through science experiments, arts and crafts, collaboration and exploration! In 2018 we offered camps at KidsQuest Children’s Museum and at Bear Creek School’s Valley Campus. Half and full day camps are available, with new hands-on projects and experiments every week. Come explore, play and learn with us!

Check back in January for information on KidsQuest’s 2019 Summer Camps!

Pre-registration required. Please contact the museum if your child has any physical or learning disabilities that we should know about, so we may better accommodate your camper. Scholarships are available. 

2018 Adventure Camps

Grades: Entering 1st – 3rd grade
Full Day: 9am-4pm 
KidsQuest Children’s Museum
Price for One Week: $390/member, $425/nonmember

Clay & Crafts with Bellevue Arts Museum
Start your morning at KidsQuest to learn the secrets behind three dimensional ceramics and become an art scientist as we explore the chemistry of glazes. Dive into the science behind the art before heading out to the Bellevue Arts Museum. There you will get inspiration from art exhibitions, experiment with exciting new materials, and make many projects throughout the week. Campers will need to be dropped off at KidsQuest and picked up at Bellevue Arts Museum each day.

Adventures in Lego Creations
Give your imagination a boost with hundreds of Lego parts! Build engineering-designed projects using WeDo Lego technology. Then learn to code! We will program our Lego robots to use motion and tilt sensors and to move motors.

Special Effects Spectacular
Get out and get moving as Arena Sports gets our bodies working in the morning. Spend two hours with an Arena Sports instructor as we exercise our bodies before the afternoon is spent exercising our minds. Our afternoon will be spent exploring stop motion animation, discovering how our body movements are broken down to create mini movies. Your final creation will appear on KidsQuest’s YouTube station to share with family and friends.

Science Sleuths
Spend the morning exploring the flora and fauna of our world with teachers from Farmer Frog. Discover the science behind dirt and why worms are so invaluable to our world. In the afternoon our sleuthing will take us indoors where we will become a crime scene investigator as we explore the science of finger printing, DNA extraction and more. Can you crack the code before it’s too late?

2018 STEAM Camps

Half Day: 9am-12pm
: 4 years old – 3rd grade
Location: Bear Creek School Valley Campus
Price for One Week: $200

Full Day: 9am-4pm
Grades K-3
Location: Bear Creek School Valley Campus
Price for One Week: $390

KidsQuest STEAM Camp is taking over the playground, the art studio, the science lab…. the entire Bear Creek School’s Valley Campus! Each week we’ll explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math through fun, hands-on activities. We’ll develop 21st century skills as we learn through play like only KidsQuest Children’s Museum knows how!

Motion Madness
Science gets moving as we explore fabulous physics! Build a jiggling wiggling robot, take a giant Spirograph for a spin, and use a  revolving paint centrifuge. Then test your design skills as we construct flying contraptions for the KidQuest wind chamber and engineer wild mini roller coasters!

Wild About Science
Explore the wonders of nature as we learn about local critters, get a microscopic view of plants, and harness the forces of the natural world! Experiment with the colors of the rainbow and create art using plant pigments. We’ll also become eco engineers as we design wind cars and build recycled structures!

Tinker Thinkers
Put on your thinking cap as we tinker and create! Have you ever wondered what’s inside a computer or a phone? Take them apart to discover how they work, then use the parts to construct your own creations. Explore the art of monotype printing, design and test air powered rockets, and more!

Crazy Contraptions
Engineering gets extreme as materials get super small, super massive, or super powered with hydraulics! Learn about the specialized tools used by nanoscientists, attempt giant engineering challenges, and use the science of hydraulics to create an animal elevator or a super hero scissor lift!

Eureka! It’s your chance to channel your inner mad scientist. Explore the chemistry behind gooey polymers and glow-in-the-dark phosphors. Take apart computers to find out what makes them work, and get creative as we melt household objects to create art!

Inventor Investigations
Want to design the toys and technology of the future? We’ll hone our inventive minds as we create adorable drawing robots, explore the science of circuits, build machines using hydraulics, and design safe transportation for eggs!


2018 Explorer Camps

Ages: 3-5* years
Half Day: 9am-12pm
Location: KidsQuest Children’s Museum
Price for One Week: $200/member, $225/nonmember

*Campers must be able to use the restroom independently

Science Explorers I
Science Explorers II

Get ready to experiment! Join your fellow budding scientists as we become junior  biologists, chemists, physicists, paleontologists, and geologists! Explore scientific tools like microscopes and pipettes, experiment with chemical reactions, and observe the  wonders of the natural world. New projects and experiments each session.

Art Explorers I
Art Explorers II

It’s time to get creative and embrace the mess!  We’ll create our own masterpieces while getting hands-on experience with lots of fun tools and materials.  Experiment with clay, paint, wire, and more.

Nature Explorers I
Nature Explorers II

Learn about the amazing wonders that can be found in your own backyard. We will  become nature detectives as we uncover the secrets of plants, animals, water, trees, and bugs.

Registration Details

Pre-registration required. Please contact the museum if your child has any physical or learning disabilities that we should know about, so we may better accommodate your camper. No refunds will be rewarded after June 1. No refunds will be awarded to campers who are “no shows” (do not attend camp and do not notify the camp office of their cancellation prior to June 1). Refunds are not issued if a child is dismissed due to disciplinary action. KidsQuest Children’s Museum and The Bear Creek School reserve the right to cancel programs or sessions based on insufficient enrollment. In this event, a full refund for the specific camp will be issued.


Priority for 2018 summer camps will be given to applications submitted by May 1, 2018.

2018 Camp Scholarship Application