Special Activities for All Ages

In-person or Virtual

We offer programming throughout the year for friends, siblings, and families to create new memories together all season long.

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Family Adventures in Rocket Launching Thursday, May 20th

Virtual Opportunity.

Thursday, May 2oth

Launch and lift your way to fun in this rocket engineering extravaganza. Put your safety googles on as we test fuel, design your own rocket, and even learn to create art in this hands-on workshop.

Family ticket: $45 (materials box can be used for 1 or 2 children)

Special Activities for All Ages

Teddy Bear Clinic Saturday, May 15th

In-person opportunity.

Saturday, May 15th

Reservations at 12:15pm or 3:00pm 

Is your child nervous about doctor visits? Join us at our Teddy Bear Clinic where they’ll get to take their stuffed animal on a pretend check-up journey with REAL medical students. Plus save time for playing and exploring in the museum! Each child ticket includes adoption of a Build-a-Bear Teddy at the end of your visit.

Teddy Bear Adventures

*Photo taken before the Covid-19 pandemic.