Field Trips to Go @ Your Site

Looking to spice up your summer camp, school program, or childcare? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Field Trip to Go options designed to enhance STEAM learning at your site. We will pack up the materials and deliver them to your door.

In Person Educator Led Workshop 

Grade Level: Pre-K through Elementary
Days: Monday-Friday
Cost: $200 per class
Length: 1 hour
Transform you classroom into a science, physics, or art lab with our educator-led field trips. These hour long, hands-on activities are an incredible way to dive further into topics you are learning about in your classroom already, or to explore something new.

Resource Box with Prerecorded Videos

Grade Level: Pre-K through Elementary
Days: Drop off Monday, pick up Friday
Cost: $300 per week
Length: 5 days
KidsQuest will deliver a themed resource box full of KidsQuest tools to your school. Use the box for a week and then we will pick it back up. Each box also comes with virtual videos from our educators to talk you through set up, learning objectives, and a wrap-up.

Want to do both? Get a $50 discount!

Amazing Colors PreK-2nd grade

Field Trips to Go @ your site 1Experiment with color mixing and learn how to make the colors of the rainbow! Explore primary and secondary colors through the scientific process of testing and retesting. Change the color of water and engage with hands-on activities including spin art, color changing glasses, and translucent tile and light building.

Key Science Topics: Scientific Thinking, Art, Interactive Storytelling
Key processing skills: Experimentation, Observing, Hypothesizing

Forces in Motion PreK-3rd grade

Get building on KidsQuest engineering walls! Work together Field Trips to Go @ your siteto conquer raceways challenges and explore how gravity and acceleration affect the motion of the balls.

Key Science Topics: Engineering, Motion, Force
Key Processing Skills: Engineering skills, Observing, Cause and Effect

Wind Power PreK-3rd grade

Field Trips to Go @ your site 2Conduct experiments to test how different materials float and fly using the KidsQuest wind tubes! Then design and construct flying contraptions that float in the air and land safely on the ground.

Key Science Topics: Physical Science, Drag and Lift
Key Processing Skills: Engineering, Observing, Compare and Contrast

Super Cars Kindergarten-5th grade

Put your problem solving skills to the test as you design, build, and test cars that move using the force of air or gravity. Engineer new technologies and practice the scientific method as you explore how materials and weight affect the forces.

Key Science Topics: Force and Motion, Logic and Reasoning
Key Processing Skills: Measuring, Observing, Compare and Contrast


Hydraulics 2nd-5th grade

Put on your engineering hat and get ready to use hydraulics to move things. We will discuss how hydraulics are used in the world and then design structures that move with the power of water.

Recycle Rebuild

Key Science Topics: Motion , Engineering, Force
Key Processing Skills: Engineering, Observing, Cause and Effect

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