Can I apply my admission towards a membership?

You are welcome to apply the corresponding number of admissions purchased towards a membership on the same day. The number of admissions applied must correspond to the number of members on the membership. To do so, show your receipt at KidsQuest’s front desk, or call 425.637.8100 with receipt in hand. Ability to apply receipts expires at closing on the day of purchase.

Can I drop my children off at KidsQuest?

KidsQuest Children’s Museum is for the whole family and children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult 16 years or older (must present valid photo ID).

Why can't I use my membership at all children's museums?

Each children’s museum is independently operated. Most children’s museums in the Northwest belong to the Northwest Association of Youth Museums (NWAYM). Every KidsQuest membership comes with a coupon sheet with two-for-one admission passes to these museums. If you purchase a membership with 4 or more paid members at KidsQuest, you also receive 50% off admission for up to 6 people at participating children’s museums across the country through the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) reciprocal program.

Why do you charge for some programs?

Programs are an additional cost to the museum above and beyond the cost of maintaining the exhibits. Most programs (workshops, classes, and special events) require additional materials, extra staffing, and longer operating hours. Because of this, KidsQuest must charge a nominal fee. Member discounts are available on all programs.

Where can I store my stuff?

Lockers are available directly behind the climber. There is a $1 rental fee that you can pay at the front desk (we also hold IDs while you are renting a locker). There are hooks available for coats and limited space under the first floor snack bench to stash your bags.

What discounts do you offer for military families?

KidsQuest offers 20% off general admission for military personnel. In the summer (between Armed Forces Day and Labor Day) KidsQuest participates in the Blue Star Museums program, offering free admission for military personnel and their families. Admission is always free for Gold Star families.

Do you allow food in the museum?

Yes! KidsQuest provides designated eating areas for families to sit and take a snack break. KidsQuest also provides a small selection of snacks and cold brew coffee in the Museum Store.

What access opportunities do you offer for kids with autism?

Free Low Sensory Evenings are available the first Wednesday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm for families with sensory sensitivities. Check the calendar for details!

Low sensory bags are also available at the front desk, and may be checked out at any time during a visit to KidsQuest. They are filled with fidget toys, headphones, sunglasses, and a Low Sensory Storybook introducing your child to the museum.

Do you allow strollers in the museum?

To keep the museum as accessible as possible for our visitors, KidsQuest does not allow unoccupied strollers inside the museum. The museum offers stroller parking on the entry ramp as well as lockers inside the museum to hold any items you are bringing. Strollers with an infant are welcome inside the museum as long as the infant remains in the stroller. If the child leaves the stroller we ask the stroller be moved to the stroller parking area on the ramp.

How do you keep the museum clean?

KidsQuest Children’s Museum strives to be a safe, fun, educational place for all community members.

The cleaning procedures in place at KidsQuest follow strict internal guidelines as well as the safety guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control.

The Museum is professionally cleaned and disinfected each night. All movable toys and props are disinfected in our dishwasher or with an antibacterial spray. Our Water gallery is filtered, continuously cleaned through our two UV light treatments, and appropriate spa levels of bromine are maintained. Our staff and volunteers sanitize our exhibits and touchable surfaces throughout the day. The restrooms are professionally cleaned each evening and maintained by staff throughout the day.

In addition to the daily cleaning and sanitizing described above, our deep cleaning regimen includes shampooing carpets, restroom deep cleanings, and our annual Super Clean, where the museum is closed for a week-long deep clean and refresh of all exhibit areas.

If you find that any area of the museum requires additional attention, please do not hesitate to tell a staff member. It is our goal to maintain the very highest standards of cleanliness and ensure an enjoyable visit for each and every patron.