COVID-19 Health & Safety

The safety of our patrons and staff is our number one priority. We have communicated with state officials, medical professionals, and our Board of Trustees in all decision making regarding reopening our facility to the public.

KidsQuest is now open! Please find answers to our frequently asked Covid-19 related questions and our health and safety policies below. After reading about our health and safety measures, you can make reservations here.

What cleaning procedures are in place?

  • The cleaning procedures in place at KidsQuest follow strict internal guidelines as well as the safety guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and the Washington State Department of Health.
  • KidsQuest has purchased an electrostatic sprayer, which will allow us to easily spray a fine mist of disinfectant on all touchable surfaces and props between patron visits.
  • Our Water gallery is filtered and continuously cleaned through our two UV light treatments, and appropriate spa levels of bromine are maintained.
  • With concern over the virus we have created several Sanitizing Stations throughout the museum. This allows staff to increased the amount of times props are rotated and disinfected.
  • Staff sanitize our exhibits and touchable surfaces, such as hand rails and door knobs, throughout the day.
  • The Museum and restrooms are professionally cleaned and disinfected each night.

What physical changes are you making to the building to enhance safety?

  • The Admissions and entry process has been set up for one-way traffic to reduce contact and maintain physical distance to enter the building. All patrons will be required to enter through the ramp, which is dedicated for the Safe Entry checkpoint. When exiting the building, patrons will be guided to the opposite stairway.
  • Floor decals will promote physical distancing while in line, and plexi-glass barriers installed at Admission registers to protect staff and visitors.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations are installed throughout the museum, as well as a hand-washing station in the lobby.

Are the bathrooms open and how often are they cleaned?

  • Bathrooms are open with limited capacity at once to respect physical distancing requirements. All capacity requirements will be posted.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day, with the electrostatic sprayer.
  • Bathrooms are professionally cleaned and disinfected each night.

What are the mask requirements at KidsQuest?

  • As mandated by the State of Washington, all guests aged 5+ are required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • KidsQuest STRONGLY PREFERS children ages 2-4 years also wear a mask.
  • Masks/face coverings must be cloth or disposable medical masks, fully cover the nose and mouth, and worn at all times.
  • Medical exemptions and mesh masks are not accepted. Face shields are welcome for those unable to wear a traditional mask.
  • Please bring your own mask for each individual in your party.

What is required of KidsQuest Staff?

  • All KidsQuest Staff will follow a safe entry check when entering the museum, including symptom screening and temperature checks.
  • All staff are required to wear masks and maintain physical distance from other staff and guests.
  • All staff will be provided any necessary Personal Protective Equipment.
  • All staff will actively wash or sanitize hands regularly.
  • There is a COVID-19 Supervisor on staff at all times.

What is required of patrons who visit KidsQuest?

  • Patrons are required to walk through a Safe Entry checkpoint before entering the building, including symptom screening, temperature check, and handwashing.
  • The capacity limit guideline is from the State of WA Safe Start program and is aligned with phased reopening
  • Patrons will be required to wear a mask or face coverings at all times.
  • Patrons will be required to maintain physical distance while playing in the museum.
  • Patrons will be asked to follow any directional signage, posted gallery capacities, and physical distancing markers.
  • Patrons are encouraged to actively wash or sanitize hands throughout their time in the Museum.
  • If you or a family member are feeling sick and/or have symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus, please stay home. We look forward to welcoming you when you feel better.
  • When reserving admission, patrons are agreeing to KidsQuest’s Health Policies and WaiversNo exceptions.

How do you maintain physical distancing in a children's museum?

  • In accordance with state and city guidelines, KidsQuest Children’s Museum will re-open at significantly reduced capacity to allow for proper physical distancing.
  • Physical distancing will also be facilitated by visits limited to two-hour visit time slots each day. To manage visitor capacity, there will be a limited number of tickets available and all patrons are asked to register ahead of time.
  • All galleries will have capacity limits based on CDC guidelines and on the specific size and layout of each space. The capacity of each gallery will be posted and visible to patrons.
  • We ask that groups respect the space of other groups, while being understanding that physical distancing is hard for children.
  • There will be additional signage throughout the Museum to inform patrons of one-way travel, bathroom and seating capacities, and to encourage physical distancing.
  • Museum staff will have an increased presence to assist with physical distancing concerns or questions.

What galleries are open/closed?

  • All galleries will be open, except for the Learning Lab and Recycle Rebuild. These classrooms are closed at this time to ensure safe distancing.
  • Recycle Rebuild will be used as our Sanitization Station for all museum props. Both classrooms will also be used by our Educators for Virtual Learning Classes.

Can I eat/drink in the Museum?

  • At this time, eating will not be allowed in the museum.
  • Water will be available from the water fountains to refill water bottles.

What if I feel unsafe after entering the Museum?

  • If you feel unsafe after entering, please ask to speak with a manager or contact us after your visit at We value your feedback and will work with you to find a solution.

For any additional questions contact us.