Explore KidsQuest!

What are you going to do today? If a visit to KidsQuest is on your list, we’re here to help.

Directions & Parking

Wondering when the best time to visit is? Check our popular times in Google to get an idea of when the museum is busy! Just Google “KidsQuest Children’s Museum” and scroll down to Popular Times (it will show up on the main screen of your phone or the right hand side of a desktop screen). 

Haven’t been to KidsQuest before? Let us show you around.

Museum Map

Low Sensory Opportunities

Free Low Sensory Evenings are available the first Wednesday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm for families with sensory sensitivities. Check the calendar for details!

Low sensory bags are also available at the front desk, and may be checked out at any time during a visit to KidsQuest. They are filled with fidget toys, headphones, sunglasses, and a Low Sensory Storybook introducing your child to the museum.

If there are other needs the museum and staff can help address, please don’t hesitate to ask!