As part of our weekly “Meet the Staff” series we’ll be introducing you to a new staff member each Monday who helps create learning through the power of play at KidsQuest Children’s Museum. This week we introduce you to the Membership & Event Manager, Kristine Haroldson. She has been with KidsQuest for two years!

Why do you work at KidsQuest? The work that is being done here amazes me everyday. I enjoy getting to hear the stories that our members and patrons have about their experiences in the museum and get to interact with them in different capacities.

What school did you go to/are you going to? I graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelors in Journalism and a Masters in Non-Profit Leadership.

Favorite KQ Exhibit or Activity: The Block Party we have in the summer. It is so much fun to see police, firefighters and other community members interacting with children at the museum.

Kids & Pets: Does a little sister count? I adopted Fiona a little Maltipoo about 2 years ago. I also have a black cat, Miss Ellie who walked into my house one day and never left.

Favorite Food: Papa’s special Chili

Favorite Hobby: Theater

Fun Fact about you: I have a deep love of The Beatles, Rock & Roll and sports that I inherited from my mama!