We often get questions about museum policies and procedures, both from our member surveys and in the museum’s comment box.  If you have a question or concern during your visit, please feel free to talk to the staff about it – we are always there to help.

But for those of you who are curious, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are you closed on Mondays?
A:  KidsQuest is open 324 days a year, including Mondays during the summer. Closing on Mondays during the school year provides time to maintain, refresh, repair and clean the Museum for your family. Once a year we close for one full week for SuperClean, which gives us time to do major updates and a super deep cleaning.

Q: Why do some exhibits not function as expected when we visit?
A: If you experience difficulty with an exhibit, please let us know immediately! Often times a toy is stuck and a staff member can get you back to playing in no time. With thousands of hands on the exhibits each week, some maintenance is required. Once we know an exhibit needs attention, we work to fix it right away. Occasionally we must wait for specialized staff or for the Museum to close for the day before we can fix it.

Q: Why do you charge admission for adults?
A: KidsQuest is an interactive experience meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. We don’t think of adults as being here to supervise. Instead, adults and children are meant to explore KidsQuest exhibits together, gaining knowledge through interactive play. It is standard practice for nonprofit cultural organizations (such as museums, zoos and aquariums) to charge general admission for all individuals.

Q: Why do you charge admission for special events?
A: Special events like Halloween Spooktacular, Egg-tastic and Gingerbread Workshops require additional supplies and staffing, as well as additional operating hours. Without charging a small registration fee for these events, we would not be able to provide the kind of educational and entertaining programming that makes KidsQuest the community resource that it is.

Q:  Why is it so busy when I visit?
A: During the first year in the new museum, KidsQuest had over 160,000 visitors – almost triple the number expected.  Some quieter times to visit the museum are afternoons and Friday’s we are open until 8pm.

Q: What about the parking problem?
A: Being in a downtown location there is not a a lot of free parking options. KidsQuest is continually working to find close affordable parking options for visitors and members.

Q: How often do you clean?
A: All the time! The entire museum is professionally cleaned each and every night (this includes bathrooms, floors, vacuuming, dusting, etc). Toddler toys are disinfected nightly, the bathrooms are deep-cleaned twice a month, and each exhibit is cleaned top to bottom once a week.

Got questions? Email info@kidsquestmuseum.org!