On December 31 we get excited for the coming year and will make a resolution to try and improve ourselves. But everyone is busy and sometimes a resolution will take a backseat to work and family.  A resolution is a good way to improve yourself but it can be discouraging when you are unable to see immediate results, which makes it hard to get the motivation to keep it up throughout the year.  It makes you wonder if making a New Year’s Resolution is worth the time and thought. Any effort for improvement is a good thing and making a resolution is the first step.

It is close to two months into the New Year, and some people may be losing energy in keeping up with their New Year’s resolutions. Don’t get discouraged! I have some great tips on keeping your resolutions.

A resolution is a marathon not a sprint and change is not going to happen overnight.

  • Focus on the benefits, both short and long term. This will also help you see the small changes earlier. For example, if the goal is to exercise you may not see your muscles getting stronger right away, but you may notice you can lift boxes easier or you don’t feel as tired after a brisk walk. These are small benefits that will help to keep you going toward your long term goal.
  • Each day make small attainable tasks that help move you toward your goal. Something I do each day is focus on something different. On Monday I will tell myself that I will drink three full glasses of water before lunch and get up and walk around every two hours. Then on Tuesday I will add another task to my weekly list. You will be amazed how accomplished you feel each week reaching your weekly goals.
  • Reward yourself for meeting small goals. If you have a weekly or monthly goal and meet it, reward yourself with a meal out or a day at the spa. Don’t deprive yourself of fun activities. When you make reaching your goal fun and challenging it helps you keep a positive attitude.

The most important thing to remember is to focus on the positive. Positivity will help you stay motivated which will help you keep your goal. Hopefully these helpful tips will keep you motivated.