I want to start by asking you a question: if you could describe your mom in one word what would it be? Strong, loyal, independent, supportive, smart, funny? Is there one word that you can use to describe a mother? I don’t think there is.

With Mother’s Day this weekend a lot of us are thinking about our moms and all they do for us. Over the last few months I have been looking at who I have become and I’ve realized something: it is all because of my mom. My strengths, likes, dislikes, work ethic, and even my stubbornness all comes from her.

People have said that no one loves you like a mom. They support you in every way possible and no matter how far you go they will always be there.

Sometimes when we get older we grow apart from our moms. Everyone is busy living their own lives and we can lose that special bond there once was with them. I was very lucky because even as I grew older I was (for the most part) able to keep a close relationship with my mom. However, even with a close relationship you aren’t going to get along all the time. One of the most important things I learned is that disagreeing is OK, just as long as you don’t hold a grudge.

With everything being so uncertain nothing is more comforting than the love of your mom. My mom is the strongest women I know; she was patient and understanding even in the eye of uncertainty and sadness.

There will come a time when children will take care of their moms. This is a difficult task. However, we need to show the same amount of strength that our moms have shown to us for our entire lives.

I am not a mom; however, I can say with firm belief that the best way to honor them on Mother’s Day and every day is to be the people they raised us to be. Even after she is gone, she will live on through your strength, intelligence, and any other characteristic she has passed along to you.

To all moms out there I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with laughter, fun, and love.