The sun has decided to grace us with its presence. Even if just for a minute, the Pacific Northwest can be beautiful.

Let’s all get out in the sun this week and enjoy it before it disappears again. Below are some fun places for your family to visit in the nice weather.

The Park: The Park can be a fun, impromptu outing. While there do a scavenger hunt, or try and find things in nature like a bird or a yellow flower. The park is a place where children can interact with one another and just be kids. Another fun activity is tag. Chase each other around the park and get some of that energy out.

The Beach: Going to the beach can be a fun learning opportunity for your child. Take a walk on the beach and collect sea shells or rocks. Sometimes you may even see a fish or two jumping out of the water. While the beach is a beautiful sight to see, people’s trash and unwanted materials can also be found dumped on the beach. Most of the time the garbage is dumped into the ocean and the tide will wash it ashore. Seeing the damage that garbage can do to the beach is heartbreaking.  This is an opportunity for children to see it first hand and learn how to treat our earth.

KidsQuest’s Sticks + Stones Exhibit: We are so happy to have a new outdoor exhibit where families can play with Imagination Playground, create works of art using chalk or paint, and be able to enjoy the sun. We also have a variety of free programming in that space, as weather allows, including Naturalist Hour, Science Hour, and, starting in June, Inventors Hour. Just like a lot of you, we like to be able to experience the sun whenever possible.

These are some ideas of places to catch a quick glimpse of the sun before it leaves us again. We want to hear from you. Do you have a fun place your family goes to enjoy the sun? Comment below.