As a child Halloween was quite the production. First I would trick-or-treat in my neighborhood, then off to my grandparents’ house in Seattle, and finally trick-or-treating in Edmonds with my uncle. Needless to say I would come home with quite the loot. This went on from ages 6-12; in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s going trick-or-treating was something kids did.  Rain or shine families were out in the neighborhood going door to door. However, in the last couple of years there have been less and less trick or treating door to door. Fewer people are home or have a light on. Walking from block, to block, to block, you will only find a few homes to visit whereas when I was younger almost every house I visited was ready to greet me and other families with young children. Fewer families go trick-or-treating; many choose controlled environments like a mall or downtown area. Others skip the candy and choose events, like a carnival or dress-up-party, to celebrate.

If your family is looking for a fun Halloween themed event KidsQuest offers a variety. These are all indoor, which allows little ones to enjoy their costumes without parents worrying about them freezing. Spooktacular offers physical prizes as well if your child has dietary restrictions or you want to skip the extra sugar. These are some good alternatives that keep the spirit of Halloween alive from your childhood in a different way.

So, try a KidsQuest October event and you may just start a new Halloween tradition.

Parents’ Night Out: Glow in the Dark Science

Wednesday, October 18, 6-9pm

Drop off the kids for a fun evening of pizza, science, and museum playtime! Explore chemical reactions as we create glowing gak! Experiment with glow writing and use phosphor-infused beads to make unique jewelry!

Family Adventures in Spooky Kooky Concoctions

Thursday, October 26, 6-7:30pm

Join us in the laboratory for some weird and wacky chemistry! Become a mad scientist as we experiment with things that glow, stretch and float. Find out the science behind all things spooky and kooky.

Geared towards families and recommended for ages 5 and up.

ArtWorkshop: Clay Creatures

Saturday, October 28, 10am-12pm

Join us as we mold and sculpt one of a kind ceramic monster faces. Get creative and then leave behind your crazy creature for us to fire in our kiln! Your unique masterpieces will be kiln fired and ready to take home two weeks after the workshop.

Halloween Spooktacular

Monday, October 30, 5-8pm

Don your wildest, craziest, or cutest costume for some hauntingly hands-on fun! Conduct science experiments in the spooky kooky laboratory, create eerie art, and explore boo-rific dry ice bubbles!