GiveBIG is an exciting day of giving for the entire community. Organized by the Seattle Foundation and taking place on May 9th, it is a special day for all to come together and support nonprofits.

Who Can You Support on GiveBIG?
GiveBIG supports hundreds of nonprofits. KidsQuest Children’s Museum is one of the nonprofits that you can choose. By donating to KidsQuest Children’s Museum, you are advocating to create learning opportunities through the power of play for all children in the community regardless of income or ability. On this day of giving, feel free to support more than one organization!

Why take part in GiveBIG?
This is a great opportunity to take part in the community day of giving. GiveBIG raises awareness of giving in the community and brings to light the number of worthy organizations that one can support.

How much should I give on GiveBIG?
Any amount is welcome, but there is a $10 minimum. GiveBIG makes a big impact due to the number of people that participate, not the individual gift size. To make your gift have an even bigger impact, see if your employer has a corporate matching program!

So mark your calendar and get ready to take part in GiveBig on May 9th or schedule your GiveBIG donation today!

Contributed by Madeline Read