We’ve finally moved from rainy days to sunshine!   Here are some new toys you can to get the most out of the summer weather, all available at the KidsQuest Children’s Museum Store!

Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler, $4.49-$7.99







Bubbles are always a summer favorite, but can become a big mess for our youngest of friends.  Fubbles tumblers allow little ones to enjoy the thrill of bubbles, without the worry of dumping soap everywhere.  Choose from two sizes of tumblers, or add on to thefun with a Bubble Blaster or Bubblin’ Glitter Bug!

Slick Tricks Make-It Series, $7.49-$8.99

Bubbles aren’t just for little kids!  Older children can take this classic and add a bit of challenge with Slick Tricks.  Each set comes with their special bubble solution and all the tools you’ll need to stack, bounce, or stretch your bubbles to the max.  Want more fun?  Buy a pack of refill solution that includes bouncing, touchable, and premium bubble solutions!

AquaPod, $26.99






Enjoy the waves without having to drive to the coast!  AquaPods provide a fun sensory experience when you fill them up with water and the included fishy friends.  Hop, roll, and lounge on your personal oasis.

Outdoor Bingo, $5.99

Take a hike in nature or even your own backyard and use this special bingo set to discover new things you might normally look right over!  Each set comes with two bingo boards so you can share the fun!

Terrestrial Telescope, $59.99







Summertime means late nights and clear skies, the perfect time for star gazing!  Use the terrestrial telescope to get an up-close look at our solar system’s planets, or take it out in the daytime to go bird-watching (Marymoor Park has a Heron Rookery with nesting Great Blue Herons!).

Smart Phone Microscope, $11.99

Go from exploring the skies to discovering the tiny world around you!  This smart phone microscope requires no extra apps and works with most smart phones or tablets with a camera.  Collect objects from nature and enjoy the little things in life!

HugglePod Lite, $51.99







Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the trees?  The HugglePod Lite lets you experience it for yourself!  Snuggle up and read a book or just enjoy the fresh air!

Roll with It, $120.99

Bring the carnival fun home with you with this giant, inflatable wheel!  Hop inside and take it for a ride! Snuggle up and read a book or just enjoy the fresh air!

Enjoy your summer with these toys and more, all available at KidsQuest Children’s Museum!

Contributed by Lori Petrelius