The Tot Orchard is a safe place for our youngest visitors (0-3) to explore. Pick, collect, and watch apples roll from our whimsical apple trees. Carry baskets full of apples then load them on our kid-sized tractor. Cook up something imaginative with fresh-picked vegetables in the garden. Take a jaunt up the stairs and down the ramps to work on balance for new walkers. Play peek-a-boo at the windows, turn on lights and create faces. Ample seating makes this a restful space for adults and kids alike, and a nearby nursing and reading area provides privacy and downtime.

What am I doing?

What am I learning?

Where can it take me?

Crawling under, around, and up Strength and coordination Walking, running, and skipping
Gathering How many things fit in my bucket or my hand Problem solving
Dumping  Cause and effect Awareness of how things around me work
Watching and imitating  Ways that people behave and communicate Positive interactions with others
Banging Critical thinking Comparing and contrasting

Big Red Tractor Sponsored by Cooper Grant & The Grant Family

Climb aboard this kid-sized agricultural vehicle and play out all kinds of adventures in the orchard and beyond.

Emotions Barn

Explore sounds and pictures and move shapes on apple faces to reflect the wide range of emotions felt by your little one.

Lady Baa Baa Sponsored by Pete, Kelli, Nate, and Ashlyn Miller

Bellevue Mercantile 8

The sensory experience of the sheep exhibit shows the process of how textiles are made from wool. 

Orchard Kitchen

Experience the joy of playing cooking in a kitchen with an outdoor feel in pint-sized form. Grill up some goodies and enjoy an old-fashioned barbecue or picnic in the orchard. The creativity of the young chef is limitless here as concepts of nutrition and taste are imagined and formed through imaginative play.

Orchard Trees Sponsored by The Fortin Group

The orchard trees define the ambiance of the Tot Orchard. Play fruits can be picked, gathered, sorted, and rolled down whimsical ramps. KidsQuest’s youngest visitors explore new places to find and store their discoveries from trunk to lofty peak.

Shhh Station Sponsored by Wallace Properties, Inc.

The Shhhh Station is a quiet area separated from the main Tot Orchard. Seating and books are found in this welcoming space for grown-ups who need to spend time with their smallest or most sensitive children, or for those who would like a more private area to nurse.

Steps & Slide Away

A gross-motor experience with fun, interactive discovery, the Steps & Slide Away lets KidsQuest’s youngest visitors explore by crawling, climbing, and sliding around this exhibit. Little ones explore fun, basic physical obstacles that develop their spatial awareness, balance, posture, and strength.

Tot Train Table Sponsored by Alicia K. Wong, DMD, Art of Pediatric Dentistry & Wallace W. Wong, DDS Orthodontics

Toddlers wind toy trains through a miniature landscape at the Train Table. Finger manipulation begins the journey of fine motor development as kids feel the wheels of the train cars in the grooves of classic, warm, wooden tracks. Early math skills are learned at the Train Table by adding more and more cars onto a train line.