Trees are full of stories and this tree is especially full of tales to tell. Climbable and full of animals, it’s everything a children’s museum tree should be: artful, fanciful, and kid-sized. Climb up the secret staircase and find the owl and eagle families, or dress up as your favorite story character. Then look for the tucked away reading nooks or put on a show for your friends on the Story Stage.

Story Time Thursdays 11am

Circle up with the KidsQuest staff as we learn through songs, books, rhymes and giggles! We’ll read, sing, and wiggle as we indulge in new adventures each week. This informal time is great for families and children of all ages.

Free with admission or membership

National Children’s Dental Health Month
Every Story Time in February will be brought to you by the Seattle King County Dental Society & Seattle King County Dental Foundation. Hear a story or two about teeth and leave with a grin! 

Story Tree 8Story Tree 7

Activity Table Sponsored by The Merrill Family in honor of Sondra Eisenberg

Keep little hands and minds busy at the Activity Table! Correlating with the books on display in the Story Tree library, these ever-changing activities are open-ended but provide influence and direction to kids and grownups who want to take the book they’ve been reading to the next level.

Dress Up Station Sponsored by Janna & Adam Snyder

The Dress Up Station addresses one of the most important parts of theater: costumes! At the Dress Up Station, kids wear the garments that help to put them inside their own story, enhancing the imaginative play with the flair of performance accessories.

Spiral Stair Sponsored by Alex & Janine Florence

The Spiral Stairs are the way up to the top of the Story Tree. The Spiral Stairs form the trunk and allow a way for kids and grownups to make their way to the lofty peak on the second floor to explore, play, and read.

Story Stage Sponsored by The Key Bank Foundation

The Story Stage combines elements of active, imaginative, and dramatic play, and is the location for Storytime and live performances by entertainers during special events.

Story Tree Library Sponsored by Katie Grant & The Grant Family

c/o Merrill Images

Circle up at the Story Tree with some classic fairy tales and new favorite stories! Kids can read, sing, and dance with friends and family while exploring KidsQuest’s collection of books. Literacy and reading are essential skills in order to be successful in school, and KidsQuest’s library helps build these skills in kids of all ages.