This highly flexible space provides room for large-scale, non-permanent exhibits that visitors love. Sitting at the juncture of the Story Tree, Tot Orchard, and Cityscape, there is ample room for circulation, storage, and open-ended building activities. It also allows KidsQuest to host group events and activities, and can open up to accommodate large audiences for performances. Art, physical movement, performance, and improvisation are better integrated into the museum because of this gallery.

Builder Boards Sponsored by The Naini Family Foundation

When out on the on display, the Builder Boards offer a classic building experience that combines basic structural engineering and problem solving skills. This exhibit is an incredibly fun and creative experience that brings out the builder, planner, problem solver, and architect in those who play.

Labyrinth Sponsored by Peter & Peggy Horvitz

The Labyrinth (or Ball Maze) is a circular, spinning, tilting, open-ended exhibit which allows kids of all ages to invent their own game and set their own goals. This exhibit allows kids to experiment with physics and hand-eye coordination, and helps them learn the concepts of strategy and teamwork.

Mandala Exhibit Temporary Exhibit

Connections Gallery 6In this temporary exhibit, families can use gems, tiles, and colorful stones to create mandalas. A mandala making can be employed for focusing attention and creating geometric configurations.

Origami Making Station Temporary Exhibit

Children and adults work on their fine motor skills and shape recognition with this familiar Japanese art form. Scroll through many different designs and then add your creation to our wall to inspire others.

Connections Gallery 5

Weaving Temporary Exhibit

Take some time to weave colorful fabrics on our community weaving loom.  This exhibit began as we focused on weaving with non-traditional materials, then we began focusing on Kente cloth patterns and the significance of the colors we use.  

Connections Gallery 7