Cityscape is a gallery for building and planning. The mini-city table is an expansive landscape for kid-powered trains, cars, and boats. The block table is for simple, small-scale building projects. These activities provide a place where a wide range of ages can be engaged in similar pursuits at multiple levels.

What am I doing?

What am I learning?

Where can it take me?

Building Form and function Design
Creating new cities Geography Understanding the relationship between people, places, and regions
Train play There are many ways travel Understanding transportation
Taking things apart How things go together Understanding structures and process
Exploring technology Digital and physical things can interact New combinations of multi-media concepts

Construction and Demolition Video Screens

Watch the construction process of three different building projects sped up to view the process from start to finish.

Demolition is slowed down and repeated so you can experience how things come apart.

Mini-City Table Sponsored by The Herzberg Family

c/o Merrill Images

The Mini-City Table is an expansive landscape for kid-powered trains, cars, and boats. Large and complex, it is a representation of the Seattle-Bellevue area, complete with two bridges, the Space Needle, and KidsQuest itself!

Sign Post Sponsored by Lester & Bernice Smith Foundation

Direction Sign

How far is it from where you are standing to Boston or Taiwan or Moscow or London? This classic sign post points the way and tells you how far. This exhibit is focused on direction, geography, and distance.

Square Mile City Wall Expedia, Inc.

The Square Mile City Wall shows a bird’s eye view for a square mile of several cities from around the world. It illustrates the diverse styles of city planning in various regions, and gives kids examples of how to plan a city.

Uneven Surface Building Table The Heath Family

CityscapeIn this exhibit, kids and adults can check out different angles and see how they affect the level of their buildings.