The Art Studio focuses on traditional art practices such as drawing, painting, multimedia sculpture, collage, and ceramics that will be fired on-site in the museum with a kiln right inside the studio. This is a space for kids, grown-ups, and visiting artists to create their own masterpieces. The Art Studio is also utilized for various museum programs and can be rented for birthday parties and events.

What am I doing?

What am I learning?

Where can it take me?

Painting with objects Flexible thinking, creative expression  Persistence, on-going art appreciation 
Playing with clay Hand-eye coordination, encourages trial and error Problem solving skills, mathematical understanding 
Creating with materials Fine and gross motor development, vocabulary building Real world connections, writing and language skills
Color and texture exploration  Sensory exploration, visual acuteness  Emotional regulation, classification skills
Using my hands Thinking skills, sensory awareness Improved handwritting

Art Studio 2

Play with Paint WED OCT 5-JUN 14, 11-12pm

Save the mess for us.  Join us as we splatter, roll, and stamp together in open-ended paint exploration. All ages welcome.

Free with Museum membership or paid admission.
All ages welcome.
No programming DEC 17-31

Play with Clay WED OCT 5- JAN 14, 3-4:30pm

Create with Clay! Come to our open studio time and get your hands moving as you mold a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Enjoy simply playing and practicing or for an additional fee have your artwork glazed and fired. Our low-fire clay is intended for artists of all ages and allows your imagination to come to life in your clay creation.

Free to explore with admission and membership. Additional cost of $10 to glaze and fire.
All ages welcome.
No programming DEC 17-31