I don’t remember the first time I played peek-a-boo or recited the alphabet.  I don’t remember learning how to read or how to hop on one foot to play hopscotch.  It is, however, the culmination of these events that shaped and influenced who I am today.  The one thing that all children know, whether innate or genetically ingrained in them all is their understanding and desire to learn and play.  Children crave the chance to explore and grow and as parents, caregivers, and learning institutions, we have the opportunity to provide them with the building blocks that will ultimately enrich their lives long after they have forgotten the words to I’m A Little Teapot.

Early learning classes are a fundamental part of KidsQuest Children’s Museum.  We strive to instill the importance of learning through formal and informal opportunities.  From hands-on tool work, to intense art exploration, and expression through sign language and music, the museum offers a wide array of early learning classes that focus on the paramount’s of what it means to a pre-kindergarten student.

We often get lost on the focus of standards and scores when perhaps the most important aspect is that our young children grow into kind, caring adults.  The fundamental basis of this is often discovered in early learning classes and during time spent with family and friends.  Social emotional awareness is often overlooked, but is a vital aspect of all early learning classes.  Children gather negotiation skills, emotional management techniques, learn empathy, and establish positive relationships and not only disseminate this knowledge between each other, but back to us as adults, as well.  At some point our dreams become less vivid, our imaginations less creative, and our unabashed honesty gets lost.  From children we can return and learn from these important rites of passage.

Contributed by AJ Curde