KidsQuest is so excited to open our new location in Downtown Bellevue! It is a stand-alone building, with twice as much exhibit space as the Factoria location, and lots of windows and natural light. It is filled with nearly all new exhibits and has an outdoor gallery too! Below are some fun new details about the new museum.


Sign Post
How far is it too different cities across the country? This classic sign post points the way and tells visitors how far to the real city (you won’t believe some of the names). This exhibit is focused on direction, geography, and distance.

Exposed Wall in the Recycle Rebuild Room

The Recycle Rebuild Room is an area for multi-disciplinary creativity using recycled material from woodworking to electronics and everything in between and combines it all with real tools and experienced educators. The exposed brick brings out the natural aesthetic of the building, helping children to further understand the evolution of the building from studs and bolts to finished walls.

Snack Spots

Playing at KidsQuest Children’s Museum can create quite an appetite! There are three Snack locations on the two staircases and behind the Climber exhibit. There will be a bench for families to sit while viewing the activity on the nearby exhibits. Visitors bring their own snacks and can enjoy and refuel in these spaces with a bite to eat.

Quotes on the Story Tree

Trees are full of stories and this tree is especially full of tales to tell. Some surfaces of this exhibit are painted to show leaf or bark texture; others show birds in the tree, and other areas of the tree are covered in favorite quotes from popular children’s books.

Visible Water Pumps in the Water Gallery

The Water Gallery brings a familiar element to the museum. This gallery expands on the Waterways exhibit at the former location. The closet with the water pumps in the back of the gallery has a glass door for visitors to view and learn how water works in this space.

Museum Maps on Each Floor

KidsQuest’s new facility is a bigger and better home! Exhibit square footage has doubled from the former location, and these maps will be helpful for everyone in navigating both floors of the new museum.