In today’s world finding a work/family or school/family balance is hard to manage. A good way to spend quality time together is sitting down and having a family dinner at least a couple times a week. An even better idea is to cook as a family. Quality time spent together is a big upside to cooking with your kids. Spending time with your kids while they are still young builds a foundation for a strong relationship in the future.

After coming home from a long day at work the last thing any parent wants to do is work more in a hot kitchen cooking a well-balanced meal. Having kids help with the preparation is fun for them and cuts your work load in half. Children as young as four  can do a lot in the kitchen including washing vegetables, kneading dough, and helping to prepare salad just to name a few. When I was younger, my favorite thing to make was salad. Your younger ones can wash the veggies and tear the lettuce into the bowl, while the older ones, seven or eight, can help cut the ingredients (with adult supervision.) It may also be worth it to invest in kid-friendly knives; there is a wide variety ranging in price from $10-$40.


The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Find recipes that look interesting and fun, relate it back to their favorite book, or make it a movie night and make food that is in the movie. One final thought about cooking with your kids: you may know a child or two that can be an extremely picky eater, and cooking together is a great way to combat that.

If you are looking for some fun recipes register for our Little Chefs Class this Saturday. Families Welcome!