KidsQuest Children’s Museum’s Race & Social Justice Committee Statement 

As a committee, with a direct focus on Race & Social Justice work, we support the progress of our peers, staff, stakeholders, and the KidsQuest Children’s Museum community in disrupting systemic racism. As a committee and individually, we will accomplish this through continued education, evaluation, training, and influencing policies and procedures. We will recommend necessary changes to the entire organization. Committee members agree to hold each other accountable, inspire the organization and continually reflect on our approach, strategy, and transparency. 

We are committed to:
• Becoming an anti-racist organization.
• Supporting and educating families around Race and Social Justice.
• Recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse staff and board members.
• Providing educational resources and trainings to all staff and board on Race and Social Justice advocacy skills work.
• Ensuring all staff and board have the tools to speak on behalf of KidsQuest Children’s Museum regarding Race and Social Justice work.
• Staying true to ourselves as an educational institution through listening, seeking out continued education, learning from other experts in our community, and recognizing that RSJ work is continuously evolving and a lifelong commitment.

Actions taken:
The list below is a sample of the work we are doing. KidsQuest Children’s Museum will constantly be evolving, changing, and growing as we continue to educate ourselves and learn from BIPOC members, visitors, staff, and the greater community.

• Created a Race and Social Justice Committee.
• Hired a professional Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant.
• Created a Visitor Code of Conduct to foster a safe environment for BIPOC children and families.
• Expanded community access by working with partners and social service agencies, who primarily serve BIPOC children and families.
• Evaluating our exhibits and programs to ensure that they are reflecting diverse cultures and communities.
• Working with staff, board, and our professional DEI Consultant to modify the Employee Handbook and museum policies (which are approved by the board) within our organization to ensure that they align with our Race and Social Justice commitments.
• Organizing training and continued Race and Social Justice education for the staff and board, with experts in the field.
• KidsQuest Children’s Museum Community Hour – A Race and Social Justice-focused educational discussion that is offered quarterly for the staff.
• Continuing to share educational resources with the community through social media, our website, and email communications.