Pasta is a great source of complex carbohydrates. Pick some in your child’s favorite shape, and cook up a batch to keep in the refrigerator. At snack time, microwave a half-cup serving tossed with veggies or cooked chicken and jarred tomato sauce.


Kids go crazy over these delicious sippable treats, and they’re packed with nutrients. Use vanilla yogurt, 100 percent orange juice, and a banana as the smoothie’s base, then experiment with a combination of cut-up fresh or frozen fruit. It’s a great way to sneak two or three servings of fruit and fiber into your child’s diet.


Mix anything with a calcium-rich cheese quesadilla: chopped vegetables, beans, or cooked chicken. This snack is easy to make and easier for kids to eat! If your child is sitting to enjoy this snack, add some salsa on the side.