• The Truck, Service Area and Map

    Our full size Peterbilt semi-truck is a highlight...» View More
  • Gears & Which Way Wall

    At the Gears & Which Way Wall, children...» View More
  • Ball Wall

    The Ball Wall brings physical science concepts to...» View More

    Where the power of air is made visible...» View More
  • Construction Yard

    Have a seat and build a tower, a...» View More
  • Construction Zone

    This kid-powered construction site gets the creative juices...» View More
  • Light It Up!

    Children crave to create and this life-sized LiteBrite...» View More
  • Colorful Car Collection Case

    Explore KidsQuest's car collection! In this collection, kids...» View More

The Garage

Sponsored by PACCAR

The Garage is designed for ALL visitors - children and adults alike! Each exhibit lays the foundation for scientific comprehension through experimentation and inventiveness.