Sticks + Stones

Explore urban nature with all of your senses! The Sticks + Stones Gallery has water play, gardening, art, active, and imaginative play. It is a whimsical, engaging, colorful, and tactile outdoor space.

Build a Cairn Sponsored by The Bert Family

Kids play and build with smooth stones to make a cairn or stack of stones. Learn about simple to complex balancing and stability by creating structures out of natural materials.

Music Wall Sponsored by Brittany F. Barker

The theme in the Sticks + Stones Outdoor Gallery reflects the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. Kids can create beautiful live music fitting of the open air space. Playing melodic and percussive sounds with xylophones made from natural materials creates the soundtrack of interactive play.

Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground is a collection of big blue building blocks of various shapes and sizes designed to encourage child-directed free play. Kids build, climb, play out adventures, and design their own playground in this incredible, open-ended multi-use exhibit.