Mar. 20, 2012 at 1:59pm

10 Things To Do With Leftover Easter Eggs

Eggs aren’t just for hiding!

If having an egg hunt is one of the annual traditions at your house then you know what’s left over after the thrill of the hunt has waned…lots of plastic eggs. What do you do with all of those plastic ovoids? Use them for some fun science and art activities!

  1. Use the halves on play dough to cut out neat circles.
  2. Fill the eggs with water in the bathtub or sand in the sand box. Fill and dump. Repeat!
  3. Roll the eggs down a ramp. Change the angle of the ramp. What happens?
  4. Paint with egg halves. Dip the open end in paint and stamp circle patterns onto your paper.
  5. Paint by rolling them! Put your paper on a tray with sides (a 9x13 baking pan works great). Dip the eggs into paint then roll them around in the pan. (You may need to water down the paint so it’s not too thick.)
  6. Practice your tossing skills by throwing the eggs into buckets or egg hunt baskets.
  7. Play an estimation game. Challenge your children to estimate which of their toys will fit into the egg. Test out their predictions.
  8. Mix up the different colored halves. Resort them to practice your color matching skills.
  9. Add a few beans and make a shaker. Start your own band!
  10. Continue the hunt! Let the kids hide the eggs for the adults.  

Looking for more fun with eggs? Hop on over to KidsQuest's Egg-straordinary Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 25th. We’ll be hunting for eggs all over the museum, creating  art, and exploring science experiments. Take your picture with a special floppy eared friend, or get up close and personal with some real fuzzy bunnies!  Experiment with gak, make an edible masterpiece with lickable paint, and search for the bunnies in our giant pool of Easter grass! The morning will be filled with fun activities for the whole family with a focus on kids one through five years old. Happy hunting!

Not able to make it to the Egg-straordinary Egg Hunt? Check out our Pysanky Egg Workshop on March 30th for ages 7-12!

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