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Thanksgiving Food Favorites!

Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for children who love food (which is all children)! There are so many delicious servings on the table at one time; each child’s eyes grow three times their size as they put enough food on their plate for the entire family. Once they, somehow, gobble down their plate of food they know what their favorite part was and go back for more. Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving Day food, and below are a few of KidsQuest staff’s favorites!

We’re all about PIE!!! No matter how big or small the crowd will be at Thanksgiving dinner, there is always more than one. Pumpkin and pecan are a must, but apple (with a streusel topping and a filling that involves a full cup of heavy whipping cream) has been known to make an appearance. All pies are topped with homemade whipped cream. We whip it up using our antique hand-crank mixer complete with red wood handle and a lot of elbow grease.

PECAN PIE! When I was younger I hated turkey, hated gravy, hated mashed potatoes, hated yams, and hated stuffing. So I would basically eat rolls and pie all day.

My favorite Thanksgiving food is gravy. Only on Thanksgiving, I put gravy on everything. I fill my plate up with food and then cover my mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, yams, and salad with a warm layer of gravy goodness. Mmmm

Well, I need to tell you about the stuffing that my dad makes!! It is the absolute best - I'm totally bragging. Ever since I can remember it is so yummy. He puts the giblets in a variety of bread, and adds lots of onion, celery, garlic and magical spices! Topped with homemade gravy it's to die for!!

Cranberries…. That sweet little fruit that is so beautiful and adds such color to your plate is one of the most talked about things on our Thanksgiving table. My mother only makes cranberry sauce from scratch… no cans. It is so easy to add your own little twist to your sauce by adding orange or pomegranate juice to the berries instead of water, real raspberries or just a hint of vanilla. There is much debate in my family about what we are going to add to the cranberries each year. She makes a lot of it because it is one of the must-haves for our midnight sandwiches. But as we grew up my brothers found out about the canned cranberries and were fascinated with the cranberry jelly that comes out looking like a can. So now we must have both types of cranberries on Thanksgiving much to my mother’s dislike.

Every year our three kids say, “ Let’s do something different this year – so every year I set out to do something different”, this year Dungeness Crabs with artichokes were requested- all good! Then I hear the small whimper of “does that mean we won’t be having your stuffing?” To which I reply, “I will make some this week.” Soon to be followed by, “will you also make gravy…” and this also means making a turkey. So now we are having the traditional thanksgiving meal as well as crabs and artichokes sometime this week, I am such a sucker!

For Thanksgiving I like the basics in sandwich form; dark and white meat turkey, mash potatoes on a roll (lots of gravy for dipping) with green beans and veggies on the side Mmm….

What is even better is the next day… open-faced turkey/corn/mashed potatoes/cranberry/stuffing/gravy “sandwich”… fork and knife required.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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