Feb. 11, 2011 at 3:24pm

Teddy Bear Clinic

So many stuffed animals, so little time...

Teddy Bear Clinic was last Saturday and we saw our fair share of dogs, cats and teddy bears. Thanks so much to Group Health and Overlake Hospital for their support, and to Dr. Nohle, who shared his experience on his blog yesterday!

"Last Saturday was the Teddy Bear Clinic at Kidsquest Children’s Museum at the Factoria mall and I am proud to say that we provided care for countless loved ones. Some of the animals that showed up included turtles, elephants, snakes, and bears. Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse made an appearance. A few had lacerations that needed surgical repair by our skilled volunteer team.

It was the busiest clinic year yet. The children ranged in age from less than two to the late toddler years. I even saw some of my very own patients there.

Even though we were examining their furry friends, you could still see that many kids were a little apprehensive with a hint of fear in their eyes at the start, but for most, it melted away. The clinic provides an opportunity for children to overcome their fears of going to the doctor."

-Dr. Robert Nohle, Chief of Pediatrics, Group Health

To read more about kids and health, check out Dr. Nohle's blog!

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