Nov. 7, 2012 at 11:12am

Rainy Day Activities

Is cold wet weather keeping you indoors? There’s tons of fun to be had in your home by rediscovering some of the “non-toys” in your home that make great….well….toys!

Scavenge your home for great building materials. Laundry baskets, blankets, couch cushions, and chairs can create fantastic imaginative playgrounds. Climb into your laundry basket and pretend to be in a pirate ship or build a blanket fort that takes up the whole living room.

Explore tape! Use masking tape to make roads or train tracks on the carpet or outline the rooms of a playhouse. Have toddlers? Just let them explore the roll of long sticky fun with no goal in mind. (Warning: masking tape is so much fun that your kids might use up the entire roll, but what other toy costs about $2.27 and will keep them entertained for an entire afternoon?)

Turn your colander into a weaving surface. Lace and unlace string or shoe laces through all of those little holes. It’s great for fine-motor skill practice!

Flashlights are one of my favorite “non-toys”. Turn off the lights and play “I spy” with them or let your toddler explore your home by flashlight! Even familiar things look different when illuminated in a single point of light. Hand shadows anyone?

Are you feeling artistic? Finger-paint with shaving cream on a window or on the tiled wall of your shower. Now, that’s some good clean fun!

There is so much to explore inside beyond the world of toys! What other fun “non-toys” are waiting to be discovered in your home?

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