Oct. 31, 2012 at 9:41am

Halloween Traditions

Family traditions are a great way to get everyone together for some quality family time, and Halloween has some of the most fun traditions! Here are a few stories from the KidsQuest staff about their favorite Halloween activities…

“We always went trick-or-treating with a bunch of friends and then had a candy swap afterward. You learn a lot of sales techniques that way ;-)”

“We had a cassette tape (yep) of spooky noises like chains rattling and wolves howling. We always blasted it during trick-or-treat time. So, spooky!”

“My mom would turn off all of the lights and we would do everything by candle light for the whole evening.”

“My brothers and I used to do a post trick-or-treating pow-wow and we would trade all the candy we didn’t like. This took forever and distracted us from actually eating the candy for quite awhile.”

“My favorite Halloween tradition was my parents taking my brother and I around multiple neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating. When we got back home, we would see who got the most candy. Of course I always did because he would eat it all before we got back to the house.”

“Carving out pumpkins was always fun because I got to show off my creativity and imagination by giving the jack-o-lanterns different facial expressions each year.”

“After we would go trick or treating we would sort out our candy. We would each get to keep enough that would fit in the cookie jar. Then we would save one piece of candy for Santa. We were really worried that Santa misses out on Halloween every year because he is so busy working in the work shop.”

“Decorating was probably my favorite part. We had an awesome set of vinyl window clings and I would spend a lot of time making my Halloween-scape perfect in our front bay window. Usually the witch’s cauldron was front and center. Everything was symmetrical of course.”

“We had a tradition of hanging paper bats on the front porch. I definitely remember tracing them with white crayon and cutting them out with my mom.”

“There were several trips to the Haunted Hayride at a local farm. Scary things came out of the cornfield (masked chainsaw maniacal killers, etc), but we were safely on the back of the tractor. Still awesomely scary!”

“In my neighborhood we pass out bags and bags of candy. Last year I passed out over 500 pieces! The people on my street decorate with Halloween Lumineries.”


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