Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:25am

A Child's Best Friend - Their Favorite Stuffed Buddy

Stuffed animals often provide children with a friend, co-conspirator, and secret-keeper extraordinaire. My own teddy bear still means a lot to me. Here is our favorite adventure together:

When I was seven years old, after my grandmother passed away, my parents decided to take us on a family trip to Hawai’I, and of course my teddy came with me. Teddy was a brown bear with a yellow ribbon around his neck. Teddy kept me company on the long plane ride to Hawai’i and I shared all of my experiences with him when I went to bed at night. We explored Honolulu, ate fruit I had never seen before in my life, and snorkeled with HUGE fish at Waikiki Beach. But when I woke up on the last morning to go to the airport, I could not find him! We let the front desk know about it and then crossed our fingers that he would soon be found.

When I arrived home in Minnesota, I waited and waited for what felt like WEEKS until one day we received the phone call – they had FOUND Teddy! The hotel shipped my teddy bear back to us at no cost! I still have Teddy to this day, and I still can’t believe he made it home safely.


On Saturday, February 9, KidsQuest Children’s Museum will be hosting our annual Teddy Bear Clinic from 10 am-12 pm. Children can bring in their favorite stuffed buddy to see a real doctor or nurse from Group Health Cooperative. By seeing these doctors examine their stuffed animal, children can think about and experience going to the doctor in a safe environment before the need arises. It’s a great way to get prepared!

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